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  1. Hong Ling Used Machines can help you purchase satisfactory used machinery

    Our experts of used beverage machine will evaluate your machine. After evaluating,we will sell your machine to the buyers around the world. You can sell through Hong Ling Used Machines without paying.

    What kind of machine do you want to sell?

    Operating process

    Hong Ling Used Machines will guide you through the entire process of selling equipment in the international market

    Our sales process

    • When you want to sell your machine, please contact with us and tell us the information about the machine for sale.

    • We will send you the market valuation

    • We will recommend your machine to buyers through the network, main industry exhibitions and other ways rapidly.

    • Hong Ling Used Machines will select some potential buyers and accompany them to visit your factory. Before the visiting, we will sign a pre inspection contract with you.

    • All negotiations will be completed by Hong Ling Used Machines.

    • If we come to an agreement, we will buy the machine from you. You will get payment before the machine disassembly and loading.