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  1. Hong Ling Used Machines can help you purchase satisfactory used machinery

    When buying used machines, professional and reliable partners are essential. We focus on more than ten years of used dairy beverage machinery, looking for high-quality used dairy beverage single machines and production lines worldwide. Safety and reducing operational risks are our service purposes. Purchasing from Hongling Machines will make the transaction safer.

    *What kind of machine do you want to buy?

    Contact with Hong Ling Used Machines

    Operating process

    You can click “Used machines for sale”, fill in above form with your demands of used machine or call us. The premium used machines is best-selling. We will reply you as soon as possible and offer you the most suitable machine, matching your needs and budget.

    How to buy the used machine?

    • Contact us.

    • We will send you mechanical quotes and prices, and try to find the most suitable ones for your needs

    • We will arrange the visit to the factory for you, so that you can see the operating process of the machine you want to buy. Before your visit, we will sign the contract about the advanced visit with you, so that we can arrange our staffs to accompany with you to visit the factory.

    • If we can come to an agreement to buy the machines, we will send the transaction contrast to you. You can pay a deposit to keep the machine. Hong Ling Used Machines will purchase the machine from the seller and sell it to you. Therefore, all negotiations and contracts between you and Hong Ling Used Machines have been completed to minimize the transaction risk.

    • Demolition, transportation, export and other services can be arranged according to requirements. Hongling Machines will dispatch members of our team to disassemble and load the machine to ensure that your entire transaction process is safe and correctly transported to you.